Introduction- Hey!

Hello to all the Curlies reading, my name is Emma and i want to take the time out to tell you what this blog is about, what it means to me and how i want to help and support you guys out there 🙂

I am a naturally curly girl and i went through a very common story us girls go through, not liking our hair (because we couldn’t/didn’t know how to control it) and i constantly straightened my hair and even relaxed it! and in the end i ended up with heat damaged hair and my curls were no longer how they used to be. I don’t know when i thought ‘right! i want my curls back!’ it just gradually happened, cutting the dead, damaged ends off and starting to search for products all on my own with no help, them days there were no beauty gurus with curly hair or that even did hair related videos, now its a booming circle on YouTube. I have chosen to do a blog because i don’t really want to be on camera (i am slight lazy at editing – oh the irony in that statement) and blogging i find is easier at this time for me. anyway i am at a time now with my hair that i am happy, but i am still going on a journey. A journey i wish to share for encouragement for other young girls or even old who wish to embrace their natural hair. its never too late. I will post pictures, products, tutorials and just basic posts on issues about curly hair… believe it or not there is alot to talk about!. I hope you guys learnt everything you need to, ill post a more personal post about myself so you get to know me!. So.. that’s it i hope to update this blog soon with lots of stuff 🙂 x

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