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Here are the products I have been using for some months now, especially the TREeme Natruals which is really great I might add. The Curls unleashed is good but didn’t really wow me, but i use it because its sulfate-free and all i have. These are probably the first shower hair products that go along with the Curly Girl Method I haven’t tried anything else, conditioner wise but i have shampoo which I will do a separate post for, but it still have a sulfate in. I try to shampoo about 2-3 times a week, I have found switching to the Curly Girl Method i don’t need to shampoo as much as i don’t have build up from all the bad ingredients etc.  I thought i’d let you guys know what I am using right now, my routine will be changing however with the new Purchase of the Shea Moisture shampoo and i will review it. It may become my new staple. The Naturals i would consider is my staple conditioner however I would like to find a new one, but I’ll leave that for a couple of months. P.s one of the best things about TREeme Naturals is the big bottle you can get. it can last you very long! the picture is the small one i have JUST finished but i’ve got a big one now its my second big bottle 🙂 Keep Tuned x

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