New Purchases from The Curly Emporium Part 1



I was pleased to purchase this mini travel kit! I have wanted to try out Kinky-Curly products for some time, though the price kept me from doing so. This is why i have decided to buy this, that was in the sale for £9.99, though they are little sizes i can still get some uses out of these. I’ll do a review of them collectively or maybe even separately I haven’t really decided as yet. But i wont be trying them all together really because i want to see the difference they make individually 🙂 Anyway I am a total hair product junkie, i have too many but i just love them, i am excited to use all these, plus i got a cute little travel bag which I will use for in the future. Keep tuned for a review, which will be hopefully before the end of this month to get the best evidence of the result from each product. x

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