New Year Curly Hair Resolutions – 2014

Yes we are into the year now but i want to share my hair resolutions with you all. I went on a great journey last year to get my curls back and i embraced the curly girl method and i’ve seen some amazing changes and still now i need to make more. Here is a list i have made and will document through the year 🙂

  1. Buy a comb or tangle teezer or both
  2. get a hair mask and use it more
  3. try more oils
  4. try to get third day hair
  5. perfect second day hair
  6. cut the last of the straight ends
  7. air dry more
  8. max amount of times i can straight hair is 5 times throughout the whole year.
  9. resist straightening at all
  10. volumize and strengthen my curls 🙂

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