Tips for 2014! how to improve your hair care

Hi there 🙂 I wanted to share some little things you can change in your routine that will just help your hair gradually. They are also for people who are beginning to embrace their natural curls, its best to start off here and then buy the new products, get used to a whole routine. These things are stuff i found in 2013 to help me massive to improve my curls and the overall health of my hair.

  1. STOP USING A TOWEL! I’ll shout it because its true, deffo for curly girls, use an old t-shirt or a microfibre towel, trust me you will feel the difference.
  2. SILK/SATIN Pillow case or head scarf, to get second day hair, or reduce frizz. Infest in one of these.
  3. Don’t be rough. If you use a brush (as i still do, yes i am guilty) brush your hair when its dripping wet and do it gently.
  4. Invest in hair masks, make your own even, ill post a recipe i use myself in the future.
  5. STOP straightening your hair so frequently, it makes a difference to the quality of your hair, trust me 🙂
  6. Buy some scrunchies – life savers
  7. EMBRACE your curls! -it’s where it all starts
  8. Invest in a good conditioner, it’s a priority to maintain great curls!
  9. Avoid bobbles. ew.
  10. Go wild! have fun with your hair, and don’t be afraid to shake your curls about!- big hair, don’t care! is the motto

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