Budget Buy: Boots Essentials – Curl Creme


I wanted to do a kind of post/review of this product so its kind of the beginning of a series of posts I’ll do on cheap/’budget’ hair products, as the well known brands (from america) are just a bit too pricey for the average person who doesn’t want to spend loads on their hair maintenance. Also give my suggestion on budget buys and i can reviews and posts on them, to help others discover them too, also give me feedback on what you think.

I first came across this product by simply browsing the hair product section in boots (a pass time i enjoy very much) and since pink is my favourite colour this caught my attention, its a cute product all round.

This product is ‘natural’ in its own words and it curly girl method free! 🙂 at the back it says:

It controls and nourishes to smooth away frizziness, enhance shine and hold your curl without weighing it down

Here my experience on the application, texture and result from beginning to end. It is abit of a sticky’ gooey texture when you first scoop a handful, i have to wipe my hands on a towel to get rid of it which is easy but may be annoying to some. I find you don’t need a lot of the product as it spread easily through the hair and so its a long lasting product(in my opinion) however i don’t use it every day. I feel my hair is slight weighed down when i first apply the product however after i diffuse my hair feels light weight and like i haven’t put product on at all. you do get a bit of a crunch but i find it a smooth one (depending on how much to apply of course) I use this for a day i don’t really care for because I don’t find it is resistant against harsh weather such as rain and wind (especially). The product however does help produce pretty looking curls, a cute look from a cute product haha 😀 though sometimes be curls can be a bit loose at the end of the day, so that is why i wouldnt use it for a night out or a long, rough day.

However i would recommend this for anyone who is going on the curly girl method on a budget and willing to try a new product, i can see how this wouldn’t be for everyone but i think it would be a lot of people staples! lemme know what you thought of this product !

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  • Marta Teixeira says:

    I really enjoyed reading your reviews!
    I’m portuguese and I’ll be living in UK soon, so I’m searching for new products for my curly hair, since the ones I use here don’t exist in UK… they’re most brazillian ones and a product from fructis that is a leave in cream that works very well (i already know that garnier doesn’t sell those in UK :/ ). With your reviews it will be easy to choose a new and nice product in UK!
    Thank you and keep up the great work! 🙂

    • ooemzoo says:

      Thank you Marta! 🙂 I can imagine how difficult it must be. I am happy my reviews have helped you!! and I really hope you find the right products for your hair. Good luck! and thank you again for your comment 🙂

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