My Holy Grail Product #1 – Soft N’ Free Curl Activator


I’ve used this product for a long while now, being one of the first i used to tame my curls but also bring them back to life. It remains in my routine to this day and i cant think of any reason why it would cease to be. This brand I’m pretty sure you can find in any shop that caters to afro-hair, unfortunately that wont be boots. I don’t know if this is stocked in the USA but it is in the UK. I have had two bottles but technically 4 because i was given a much larger version and have filled this bottle here two more times since i bought it, after i ran out of my first. its very cheap which is great and accessible. I would recommend if you are trying to get your curls back from hear damage then you should give this a try, no harm and money lost as its so inexpensive.

Here are some key ingredients and their functions that are on the back:

  • Vitamin E – Helps to promote healthy hair
  • Panthenol – Conditions and restores moisture to the hair
  • Glycerin – Provides softness and sheen

Now even on the bottle it says its purpose is to the ‘replace moisture lost from hair through perming, shampooing and climatic conditions’ which i think it great and it works well!

On a side note, looking at the ingredients on the back i see some ending with ‘cone’ and so if you follow the curly girl method you may question this product, however i don’t think this creates huge build up- though it depends how much you use.

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