Hair Rant: Hair Salons are CLUELESS!?

A subject i am sure many curly girls know about and have their own opinions.. I don’t go to the salon very much but i’m never much impressed. I get the same comments about how they love my hair etc and i end up thinking it’s a shame you dont know much about how to care for it. One thing that baffles me to no end is how they have no idea how to handle, cut or style curly hair and just automatically reach for the straighteners! (now that’s a whole other rant) You would think when training to be a hair dressers they would learn how to CUT hair, ALL hair. I don’t understand why curly hair, afro hair is completely dismissed or only a select few are trained, is this rascit ? not the people themselves but the hair dressers system. Now i don’t want to throw aqusations around, i myself havent been to any professional college or course etc for hairdressing. But it annoys me when i go into a salon and they say ‘oh we can’t cut afro carribean hair’ like seriously..?

I am lucky in that i havent really had a bad hair cut, no major unwanted cut, ive made sure they only cut small amounts, its the styling after that just seems pointless. I am sure its not the same for all, but it is a problem. I hope to think things are improving because they are missing out on a large amount of people who just end up not going to the hairdressers. (this also reminds me of the small colour ranges in foundations, conclears and powders in drugstores. HOW do they  get away with that?!)However i must add i am hearing more about the ‘DEVA CUT’ that has come from america from Laura Massey, i would love one though unfortunatly and this applies to products too, it is only in the US this can be found. A great shame, the UK although i’ve seen an increase in products for curly hair that are CG friendly, they still lack behind in the hair dressers department. However I did find out about a hair dresser located in Birmingham.. and i’m sure there are some in London.. (very few) who offer the DEVA CUT! i just would like it to be a universal thing in hair dressing training for them to know how to best handle curly hair.

Anyway rant over, i hope you all know this is my personal opinion so no offence to any is intended. Please tell me what you think about this? tell me your expereinces, good or bad! i’d be more than intrested to read about them 🙂

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