Having THIN curly hair!

If you identify with this title, you will know whenever you tell anybody your hair is on the fine side, they won’t believe you, or simply will dismiss you! Yes I have curly hair, but what people don’t realise is that it can be manipulated etc, I personally don’t wake up with amazing curls. I am lucky though in that I’d rather have thin curly hair then thin straight hair, simply because of my previous statement. I don’t know if products do help, I’m yet to really find one that does :/ (if you have any recommendations please leave a comment!) Creating volume I find it by scrunching my hair and flipping my head upside down, I personally find this irritating and never used to do it before but I do it every time I do my hair now to get the look I want. *sigh* it’s just something I wanted to make a post about and was wondering if people felt the same and also what they do to create volume?

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