Naked Style – Gorgeous Curls, Taming Cream – Review

I recently used this up and i was heartbroken (you always hope for a good product to last forever!) A random buy from boots that i sometimes indulge in when i have enough money, I have noticed a surge in new curly hair products (which i am really pleased about) This product in particular caught my eye because it was SILICONE FREE a must non ingredient for any person who is doing the curly girl method. I was currently using the Trevor Sorbie curl cream (the old version, i now have the new one which i will also review) and i decided to have a change and so this entered my life..

Botanical ingredients help define and add lustre to curls

A seemingly thick texture that is a weird mix between a cream and gel. When applied to wet hair (recommended very wet hair) it’s very soft and not sticky and i like this process funnily enough. I feel like this is one of those tick products that seem one thing but when applied it turns into something different. I was wary when i applied this to my thin hair, but it really was easy and there was no difficulty getting used to it.  This product had become a favourite of mine and i just finished it, it gave my curly hair a good hold and bounce! it was very much my favourite product in terms of texture, durability, price and finish. Additionally this does not create crunchy curls!! I used a good portion, not too much so if you end up using loads i don’t know if it will but, it didn’t for mine, this is one thing i really also love about this cream/gel.

I would recommend this product for anyone who likes the Trevor Sorbie curl cream or is looking for a staple natural product for their curly girl method 🙂

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