Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner – Review

A surprise buy i made a few months ago, after for so long i had wanted to try one of Mixed Chicks products (after all i am mixed). Never before have i used a DEEP conditioner, so for me this was exciting! My hair is no longer AS DRY as it used to be since I’ve transitioned but i have my days, and DIYing a hair mask can sometimes be a chore, getting all the ingredients etc for like one use. So it seemed like a good idea to have a go to product that did the job of a DIY hair mask. This deep conditioner is said to:

Nourish, detangle and restore  your thirsty locks […] penetrates and reconstructs damages areas, transforming style-stubborn-hair into resilient, easy to maintain tresses. 

This description/statement seems to be true because i choose to use this product whenever my hair is SUPER knotty, straight away after application onto wet hair you can feel the amazing slip. It smells nice but has an odd texture, not as creamy as a conditioner. When held it wouldn’t have thought it would create the result it does on my hair, but it’s another one of those tick products i guess, but in a good way 🙂 i used the deep conditioner after i shampoo my hair, no sulfates of course. The finish is very sleek and easy to brush, its made life easier then piling on the normal conditioner.

I would recommend to anyone who has trouble with very knotty hair and the normal conditioner is not enough.

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