Product Feature: Jojoba Oil

DISCLAIMER: I do not use this brand of Jojoba oil, mine is in a simple brown bottle from a herbal store in my town centre.

An essential and staple product of mine, NOT JUST for my hair but also for my SKIN (more so actually) I’ve decided to do a feature post on this product, instead of the regular review. It’s one of those products i love so much i want to shout it from the rooftops! i want to like seriously promote it because i think it will benefit everyone who would use it. I use this product for my hair at the ends and also at the roots, i used it after styling and dry. The ends because of the constant use of the diffuser at the ends and at the roots to simulate hair growth. I’ve briefly used one other oil but this has been really the only main one I’ve used. I also find it’s add a healthy shine to dull, dry looking hair. In the long run i feel it has improved my hair. I used to rub it into my scalp a lot when i first got it and i think it did contribute to my hair growth. I have a hair cut coming up so ill go back to doing the scalp rubbing to see if it creates noticeable results. A new oil i will be trying is coconut oil on my hair and i may do a blog post comparing the two. Jojoba oil is really a wonder oil because its the closest natural oil to the oil our body produces so while it is quite liquidy at first but it’s also waxy and it really adapts to the hair straight away (with a modest amount) this also applies to the skin as well(it tricks the skin into thinking its producing enough oil for the face, therefore not overproducing oil,resulting in oily skin!!) This oil will ALWAYS have a place upon my shelf 🙂

I recommend this oil to EVERYONE. ( but mostly people with oily skin and dry hair)

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