Having recently damaged my hair by straightening without protection! (AGAIN) I decided to indulge and buy some new hair products from my ever reliant British Curlies shop (formally the Curl Emporium), and while it felt… View Post

(Disclaimer: This is a personal view, may not be right but it’s just an outlet for my thoughts and ideas, about a seemingly small thing, but is really a tell tale about a lot of… View Post

A regular in my household for a while now.. this review is quite overdue. Originally packaged differently and named ‘Original curl cream’ this is a great, affordable and easily accessible product that was also CG… View Post

I had wanted to try out a Giovanni hair product for some time, and by accident stumbled upon them in Holland & Barrett. I actually first bought the conditioner and only recent hair bought the… View Post

Just to let you guys know I will be updating the curly hair routine which is currently up on my page… i really need to change it, i’ll also be posting what shampoo and conditioner… View Post