Giovanni Smooth as Silk DEEP MOISTURE Conditioner & Shampoo Review

I had wanted to try out a Giovanni hair product for some time, and by accident stumbled upon them in Holland & Barrett. I actually first bought the conditioner and only recent hair bought the shampoo. Giovanni claim that the conditioner:

  • Infuses deep moisture for manageable smoothness
  • Detangles while protecting against split ends
  • Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz
  • Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair

I can honestly agree that the conditioner does do this. Always it is easy to finger detangle in the shower with this on my head. The conditioner has no funky smell, its lovely and lightweight to work with. I wish i had a bigger bottle as i always wanted use more, but at the same time was conscious of saving it! It also does give a good shine, i don’t use this daily, but maybe once a week when my hair is in good conditioner, but when it isn’t (like right now) i’ll lather this on with no worry.

The shampoo that i recently bought, i thought i should try it and see if it helped the conditioner in anyway.. it is claimed to:

  • Luxurious lather soothes dry, chemically processed hair
  • Cleanses gently for manageable smoothness

And the last two points from the conditioner. Again i can honestly say i feel like this shampoo does exactly as it is claiming to be able to do. The lather is great and feel so soft and non stripping, but at the same time not overly soft, like greasy, its pretty perfect. But i am weary to not use it too much. I then used it with the conditioner and i must say it was a joy to wash my hair as the products work very well together and i will be repurchasing the conditioner ( recently just run out) to accompany the shampoo at all times, especially in these dry hair times i am in 😦

If you are a Holland & Barrett buyer, go try this out if your hair is dry and need of a boost. I will also try Goivanni’s other products (I do have one other shampoo but shall try the conditioner with it) I very much recommend and its all CG friendly!


6 thoughts on “Giovanni Smooth as Silk DEEP MOISTURE Conditioner & Shampoo Review

  1. Ive wanted to try the conditioner especially. Its pricey for the size/amount bottle you get especially when you have dry hair and use lots of conditioner on a daily basis.

    1. Yes I agree, i would like a big bottle like the TRESemme Naturals. I would suggest if you were to buy it, don’t use it as your main conditioner, this way you won’t use it all in one go, which i tried to do as i used the TRESemme Naturals as my daily. 🙂

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