Dealing with Societies conventional view of beauty

(Disclaimer: This is a personal view, may not be right but it’s just an outlet for my thoughts and ideas, about a seemingly small thing, but is really a tell tale about a lot of the ways in which our society works) I hear lots of people say ‘mixed race people are the most beautiful’ However I find this to be a statement that has a darker undercurrent of meaning. I recently read an article titled This is what it’s like to be a mixed-race girl on Tinder and a lot of my recent thoughts had been confirmed. I read something that I don’t see get talked about so often and was kind of relived this was something other mixed-race girls had also experienced. I haven’t gotten the more extreme examples on this article, but I get the sentiments. Just this Friday, a group of white males, after a night out approached me and my friend and said ‘what have you got in you?’ seemingly innocent question, that was till he continued to list off the numerous countries i could apparently be from. I started to feel uncomfortable, maybe for the wrong reasons.. as I wasn’t going to live up to his hype of the exotic girl he thought i was, to me I was just half white and half black.. nothing special in my eyes. But people constantly need to box me, and others, they need to know so they can have a predetermined idea of what kind of girl i am. Now this rant could go on for centuries but i’ll try and narrow it down to what it says in the title.. before i blow a casket It’s hard having curly hair in a society where the majority has straight hair. And while i get the many, “I love your hair!” and the frustrating “I wish I had your hair” especially the latter, the saying feel so very fake. People like to look, but wouldn’t really want my hair. Now its not societies fault we curly girls, (and i don’t mean little wavy hair or hair curled by your curling tongs.. i mean the REAL afro, curly hair. ) are the minority. It’s more were just not seen as the norm of beauty. I feel like this is one of the reason, even the main why many of us feel the need to conform by straightening our hair, for the masses to accept us, to get that little bit of acceptance. Now I never thought I was never accepted with having curly hair. But recently i’ve begun to see the difference in the way I am treated. People are no longer confused, there is no wild bush on my head, which they don’t know anything about. When I have straight hair, its simple for them, because I look just like them, and thats no hard work. I am now a conventional beauty. If your doubting my theory and views, I think it’s interesting to see celebs, etc who have originally, curly hair but now in the lime light, their hair is predominantly straight. Examples: Leona Lewis, Annalynne mccord (90210) and Nicole Kidman, a small selection among a lot of curly haired women who, due to the beauty standards of the west, have straightened their hair to fit with the conventional view of beauty.

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