New buys from British Curlies! :)

Having recently damaged my hair by straightening without protection! (AGAIN) I decided to indulge and buy some new hair products from my ever reliant British Curlies shop (formally the Curl Emporium), and while it felt like I hadn’t bought anything for my hair in a while, i’d by lying as I did fairly recently indulgently buy the BOUCLEME travel kit. However those products did not meet my needs or satisfaction, i need moisture. This Wednesday in fact I got a big chop, to get rid of the straight ends, that I did not have the patience to wait around, to come back to life. I feel like getting your hair cut is therapeutic… but I will address my hair cut in a separate blog post.

Anyway! Here is what I have bought. I have been itching to try more Shea Moisture products, and the one I did buy, from a previous buy from British Curlies… i felt didn’t do anything WOW to warrant its popularity. And so I bought the raw shea butter & organ oil repair and transition kit…I am hoping, with all these great ingredients, i see some worthwhile results. The second product, the A’kin intensive moisture hair masque, i bought as a risk. I had seen the brand everywhere and it always intrigued me, so it will be interesting to see how it fairs, especially in comparison to the Shea Moisture deep treatment Masque (i’ll definitely be comparing the two)

SO, keep a look out for upcoming reviews on the products.. i am uber excited to try them out and tell you guys what I think 🙂

*I also bought a black satin cap, i’ll review that additionally.


5 thoughts on “New buys from British Curlies! :)

  1. omg, story of my life . I have damage hair because of using way to much heat on my hair . so now i’m trying to go natural and grow my hair without straightening it for a few years. I’ve been using mane’n tale shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and it really helps . so what the point is , is that i love this post so much 🙂 . any other tips for curly hair? for styling ?

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