Before & After: New Haircut!

Last Wednesday i visited the hair dressers to get bit of a chop to get rid of those straight ends after much straightening. I have wanted to show this cut because i planning a growth chart of my hair by showing the influence of one product which is commonly thought to increase hair growth.. JOJOBA OIL! (my BFF and who i do think works)

So.. to the pictures.. the one on the left was taken in Easter time, with me LOVIN LIFE. And my on the right is TODAY, i don’t like this picture but was desperate to get a pic up for this blog post, (I might update with a better one if i take one this week, also i apologise for the eyebrows, was planing to get them done) So i will be documenting till September (or christmas) my hair growth. Stay tuned! 🙂


For those wondering, on the left, this is from using the BOUCLEME range which i recently did a review on and on the right…. well lets just say I used for the first time LAST NIGHT the whole Shea Moisture raw shea butter & organ oil repair transition kit which I have recently bought from British Curlies, and plan to do a full length review on! so keep tuned! however I did a twist out (or whatever you call it) last night and used a satin cap to see if i could un twist my hair tomorrow(today now), however it didn’t go to plan, but i think that was to my doing… I had slept on hair still quite damp and put TOO much product on (I know shock horror for curly hair) so i’ll be trying that out again and doing a blog post on it (if i get it right!) So instead this morning i just gave my hair a quick rinse and because it was still so moisturised (i also applied, last night Kinky Curly Knot Today, my go-to leave in) I just ended up applying my boots curl cream and voila!

*no air drying was used in the making of these styles 😉 I have no patience for that.

In addition here is the left side of my hair/face, just so you guys can see how my hair looks.. this side is the more limp/less hair side just to note!  (I hate my profile!!)

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