I didn’t really know what to call this blog post.. is it a Topshop haul? maybe, but i also bought things from other places… so is it a general haul? who knows, so for now I’ll just call it shopping, because that is what i damn well did! The first pic here is of the new bag i bought from Topshop. I was oh so desperate to buy a new bag, and I am one of those picky bag people, it needs to call out to me, it NEEDS to be PERFECT. I was planning to buy a beige, or camal coloured bag, but there have not been many i have been too keen on, so i just induced and bought this because it felt so right at the time!

Second I just bought some more tiptop jeans but this time in dark blue. I have two black ones of the same style but needed to change it up a bit.

 Topshop makeup is not something I have ever felt too confident buying into, but the more i get the more i am presently surprised. Not overly expensive, but not the cheapest, it sits quite firmly in the middle of pricing. I have always liked their nail varnish colours, but their prices have made me wince, as nail polish is not something i like to splurge on.SHAKES HEAD. I bought this one because A) it was reduced to £3 for some reason and B) it is pretty. It is called: PORT DE BRAS

There is a new graze for lip liners and I am right in there too. I decided to give Topshop ago, and pink is a colour i like in lip liners, i own 3 MAC ones. I had no idea how this colour would translate on my lips, so as soon as I got home i tried it on. And NICE i really like it. It may just be the perfect pink i was looking for! 🙂 It is called: DISCO

*On a side note I would also really recommend the Topshop pen eyeliner, its been a favourite of mine that I have bought twice! and plan to buy again in the future. I also really want to try their recently release foundation… but i gotta view some reviews of that first.

I FINALLY bought this foundation. I’ve never seen so many people rave about ONE foundation in my life! After not being to satisfied with my BOBBY BROWN foundation, i decided to buy this, hoping it will be easier to work with and give me some good results. NARS have beautiful packaing and it killed me to pay £31 for this. But i did some good ole’ repression haha. I think I plan to do a NARS VS BOBBY BROWN VS MAC foundation review, because.. well why not? I have them all now, so interesting to see how they all faired with my skin. Stay tuned! 🙂


Now this last item(s?) is not a new buy, but I thought I would include it because I wanted to show you guys what I am doing. I started reading Anna Karenina last year in September, but alas uni kept me away from enjoying Tolstoy.. not that I didn’t like the book, I just never had the time to read and so, my mission is to read the other half of the novel, within a week.. or so? Interested to see what i’ll be reading this summer? check out this blog post from my other blog!

I also wanted to show off my cute book mark because it needs some attention 🙂

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