The Curly Girl Tag!


Purely for some fun and for you guys to find out about me 🙂

1. What inspired you to go natural or wear your hair curly?

Myself! (I actually can’t remember)

2. Who are your favourite curly hair idols?

Solange Knowles, she really has defied the celebrity media culture of straight hair and really done the opposite of Beyonce, by embracing her natural curls. I wouldn’t say she is my idol, because i never grew up with any images of curly girls. But Solange is an inspiration that does not get enough credit!

Read more about my views on this subject here!

3. Which You Tube curly girl would you trade curls with for a day?

SunKissAlba or Nathi

4. If you could have only one product for a year, which product would you chose? 

Kinky Curly Knot Today! My review here!

5. If you could change one thing about your curls what would it be?

The cut/style also thicker hair!

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve tried on your “natural hair journey”?

It was nearly Mayo, but nothing too crazy, just avocado and honey for a hair mask.

7. What’s your secret ingredient that your curls LOVE the most? 

Jojoba Oil! My review is here!

8. If you could merge two brands of products to make your perfect product, which two would it be?

The TRESemme conditioner

9. What is your go-to hair style when you’re in a rush?

I will always do my hair, even if i am in a rush, never go out without it done. hella no.

10. If your curly hair had a name, what would it be and why?

Erm Emma?

I tag any curly haired girl reading this! link me your responses, i’d love a read 🙂

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