My NightTime Skin- Care Routine

 Taking off my makeup can fall into two categories depending on the day.

  1. Its Thee best thing, wiping away all the makeup.
  2. I am way too tired to go all the way to the bathroom to take my makeup off.

I had become a skincare geek. And now I cleanse every morning and night. nearly everyday!! thats an achievement. My skin was my number 1 problem and I think it can really effect you’re confidence. Because no matter how much make up you put on, if your skin is not in good condition, your makeup will not be able to hide that.

Anyway, If you haven’t already I already did a blog post on my morning skin care routine. Please check it out first if you haven’t already 🙂 Additionally I will be doing a separate blog post on masks and treatments I use.


Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm


Lightweight cleansing balm quickly dissolves stubborn eye and face makeups […] Cleans thoroughly, rinses off completely. Non-greasy. Non-drying.

I am currently on my second tub, this product is no stranger to the world of skincare geeks. I really like cleansing balms for taking off makeup, the Liz Earle doesnt really do that job. I think the cleansing balm formula is just perfect for it. The waxy balm melts as soon as you massage it into your face and is so easy to clean off with a face towel. There is no  filmy veil left, the skin feels cleaned! I know I should double cleanse but I don’t bother. I don’t have time to do a 10 or 20 Korean skin care routine here.


Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic


I use this toner for night too because why the hell not. Its great. I won’t bother writing down everything because I am lazy but here is a link of what I thought out it


Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night


Now this is quite random. I purchase this at TK MAX the holy grail for reduced beauty products which I love! I need t shop there more. I always wanted to try a philosophy product, and so the reduction in price (i’ve forgotten now, but it must have been a bargin) of this product was too great to pass up. I had never used a moisturiser that was specifically a night cream so this was fun. This moisturiser I think I can thank for helping my skin out a lot recently. They say your sin repairs it self a night so a good product for you skin to eat at night seems most appropriate. However this moisturiser STINKS. the smell is not nice AT ALL. But for what it does I really don’t care. I am going to bed anyway, and the smell goes once it has sunk in which is actually very quick. But I’ve seen online this has put a lot of people off the product. The texture of the product is like some whipped butter. It is very thick, and feels like your apply a face mask. To me I kinda like this, I feel like i’m helping my skin repair it self. Philosophy claim:

patented qusomes help deliver potent glycolic acid deep into skin’s surface to retexturize skin while plumping the appearance of fine lines and evening skin tone. skin is noticeably smoother, lines are visibly softened, a rosy glow is restored

I’ve read somewhere online that glycol acid is good, that may be it. This product has that ‘a little goes a long way’ thing to it too, which is great because I don’t know if I could bring myself to repurchase, unless after finishing the product my skin took a turn for the worst…

Overall I find these products do the jobs I need them to do at the end of the day. Take my make up off, Clean my skin. Refresh my skin. Repair my skin.

Love Emma x


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