Salon Experience: 3thirty,Shoreditch, London


I discovered this salon through watching the YouTuber The London Curls. And I just knew I had to go there. One of the many positives of London is that there are so many more salons that you can go to that cater to afro hair. The selection is very satisfying.

The day of my appointment was a rainy one and my hair was not in good condition either. running late it was still wet and it was limp from straightening. Whenever I go to the hair dressers I like my hair to look good… I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want the stylist to think I’m a hot mess who doesn’t know shit about my own hair. This is why I had to pull out a picture of how my hair usually looks, just to not let myself look like a mop head (an actual name I was called at school!!!)

What I liked about 3thirty was something even before I turned up. When booking my appointment I was actually asked what my hair type was. And then what stylist I wanted (level of stylist) I was a little taken a back, because even though I knew they catered towards Afro hair.. my hair salon in sheffield never asked me these questions! I was delighted to answer and feel like I was getting a custom job.


My stylist was very nice and my first male stylist! He seemed to think carefully before cutting and took great consideration of what he was cutting and how the finished cut would look.It was a great feeling having someone take great care in cutting your hair. Again that sense of it being custom to you and unique to your hair.

The salon itself has a great atmosphere, despite being small the big mirrors create a grand feeling, making it feel much bigger. I also loved the design, it felt very London. Another great thing about 3thirty is that they offer a great selection of discounts. Students and weekly ones. I got the 20% off cut & blowdry on a Wednesday. I love a good discount.

However, I was a wee bit disappointed at the finish of my cut. I paid for a cut and blow-dry. however I didn’t quite get the blowdry I needed. Same with Made, they only seem to half blow dry my hair and then leave the rest to air dry. Now I can see how some people want/do this. However, I don’t see/hear of any person with straight hair coming out from a blow-dry with half wet hair.It’s disappointing because I came out like a wet dog and couldn’t really appreciate the amazing hair cut I had received. Maybe I needed to make it more clear what I wanted? but I don’t know…

Overall I would recommend people with afro textured hair to give this place a visit. The discount is great and so are the people. Very welcoming and great talent too.

Love Emma x



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