Curly Hair Products & Accessories Wishlist

I thought I would share with you all all the things I am craving right now. I have been seriously slacking in new products for my hair. Here is a list of things I want (that I can realistically buy) and things I dream (Things in no way I can afford/buy right now)

Hopefully you guys find this interesting. Let me know if you have tried any of these products in the comment section below!


The Devacurl Range


 Just this range in general is kinda holy grail for a lot of US curly girls, and has really had an impact on the community. Not just the products but the theory behind cutting curls and maintaining them day to day.


This Amazing Night Pillow


This website alone sold it to me. I don’t think I have ever lusted after a pillow before. I discovered this from fellow curly girl and youtuber Michelle Ana. She nearly convinced me. But at the moment the price tag kills me.




If you haven’t heard about this your probably thinking what the hell is that? Well its the smallest thing I think I really really want to try for myself. They just look so satisfying, and more practical. I need an alternative to my scrunchies. I saw these stocked in Topshop & Mixed chicks have their own version too!


Briogeo Hair Care


This brand look so good. I really want to give them a try. They also boast a lot of collections catering for different hair needs, which is always a bonus. They also do have a curl collection especially, which I think I will give a go.

Love Emma x


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