A Curly Revolution.


Or should I say natural? whichever you believe, its now something that is becoming so much more talked about and even celebrated. Curly hair feels like a cult. An underground society made up of mainly women who are fed up of life and straighteners who are secretly planning a fabulous rebellion. I am one of them. I’ve been meaning to write something about this but totally forgot until I came across this article about Sephora having its own curly hair care section online.


We are now recognised. There are so many of us, it’s kinda crazy this wasn’t a thing before. It’s great to see big beauty retailers show that they know the market is out there. I hope this starts a new trend in other stores such as boots etc where young girls can now SEE a section that meets their hair needs so they don’t feel so alien and one of a kind.

Women embracing their natural hair is on the up rise, with it now being pushed by the mainstream with the likes of influencers like Beyonce with her newly released film & album Lemonade which celebrated the strong black woman. And I also strongly believe the power of the internet has influenced this trend of embracing your natural hair. The vast network of this place we called ‘the internet’ has allowed people to connect from all over the world and share not just their souls.. but their stories, remedies and secrets. For this topic I am only talking about hair. But we know this applies to so much more as well. I know for one if it wasn’t for youtube or the internet, in general I would not be at this stage with my hair as I am today.

God bless the internet.

Love Emma x


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