Davines Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner Review

So here is the official review of the Davines LOVE conditioner. If you haven’t already please do check out my first impressions blog post as I may have missed out points in this one. Davines is a brand that seems to have crept up in YouTubers monthly favourites, and I was very much influenced by their raving reviews for this conditioner. The price point was a put off especially for its size, however, I know I had to try it for myself.

I realised after a week of using the product I had been using it all wrong. And thus not getting the full benefits. On the Davines website, it gives the instructions to apply the product onto towel dried hair and to then rinse out after about 5 minutes. As soon as I had applied it to semi dry hair I could feel the difference of the application. This isn’t good as a quick wash-and-go on damp hair. My hair feels very silky as soon as I apply this conditioner and makes finger detangling a dream. It is a pleasure to work with. In addition, some of the ingredients within the product are:

Almond from Noto – elasticizing and volumizing Panthenol – gives moisture and shine to the hair;

So now I knew how to use it. Time to see long term results. While this conditioner takes more effort to use, it gives some impressive results. My hair looks so shiny, defined and bouncy its crazy! And it does NOT weigh my curls down at all. I love also how you do not need a handful of conditioner to be able to get some slip, as you get it almost straight away. I must confess I look forward to putting this on my hair.

The texture is thick and has a strong scent, which I can see some people not being too keen on, It doesn’t bother me, however. One thing that I discovered that contradicts my previous statement in my first impressions, was how the packaging allowed for easier travel. I recently went away to Portugal and to my horror, the conditioner had leaked!! My magic cream!! It was a shame and proved that the packaging is not safe for travel 100% While it may look cute and independent, it is not practical.

Overall I love this conditioner. I dread the day I have to repurchase, however, I know now it is very much worth the price. If my curls are feeling dull and limp, it is great to use this as an overnight hair mask. Let’s just say I am now very keen to try Davines other products, which they have an amazingly wide range of, for all hair needs.Davines is now my hair elixir.



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