The Curly Girl Essentials – The Scrunchie.


My go-to hair style with my scrunchie 

This is the beginning of a new blog series I will be writing over the next coming weeks.I decided to start with the scrunchie because I really believe it is a curly girl’s best friend. I know at least it is mine! Once I started using one, putting my hair in a ponytail was bliss. Velvet and silk scrunchies are the best in that they are easy to untangle from your curls and thus reduce shedding when you typically untie your hair.


The scrunchie is also a life saver when it comes to bed time. Ever heard of the pineapple method? Well, a scrunchie is a great way to help with preserving curls when tying it up. I sleep with my hair up every night, with a scrunchie without fail. It feels so wrong now to use a normal bobble/hair tie, It feels awful and rough on the hair.

Scrunchies are an inexpensive accessory and has come into style of as late, with different patterns and colours, it is great to also style your hair if you’re bored. Topshop has a great selection of scrunchies so check them out 🙂

Love Emma x

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