My Portugal Holiday or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Air-Drying My Hair.

One of the things I never have time for, or even consider, is air drying my hair. Living in a colder climate makes this an unpleasant experience,and in addition, my hair has had a problem of not really curling unless I give it a push up with my diffuser. However, whenever I go on holiday to a warmer climate air drying my hair is something I usually do. Wanting to spend as much time as possible outside doing things, getting ready in the morning has to be a quick thing. And blow drying my hair just doesn’t fit in.

I have thin limp curls so air drying can be a bit of a pain and more care and delicacy trying to get the curls right for the rest of the day. During Portugal I actually used mostly new products which I plan to do separate reviews for but for now here is my Air-Dry Routine:



And lastly, I did some scrunching to help create some curls. My hair felt more free, soft and healthy. Even though on the downside one side of my hair is still heat damaged and therefore did not curl, And getting volume was a mountain climb. I love air drying when on holiday, no pressure to look your best, just freedom to be anonymous. Make sure to follow my blog as I will be doing a no heat challenge this summer. Despite the bad weather so far 🙁

Love Emma x





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