The Curly Girl Essentials – The Silk Pillow/Bonnet


The second blog post in the new series I am curating. The Curly Girl Essentials – make sure to check out the very 1st post on the scrunchies!

Silk is a safe word for any girl with curly hair. And once you discover its benefits its painful to sleep on a cotton pillow knowing your curls are not being treated well in your sleep! Having problems getting that second day hair? waking up to a tonne of frizz? this could be the answer. Investing in a silk pillow or alternatively a silk bonnet or scarf to wrap round your hair can make achieving the desired second day.

Here are just some of the benefits for your hair by using a silk pillow;

  • The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends.
  • Can help prevent thinning of the hair
  • Cotton weaves actually grip and tug at individual strands, causing damage and breakage.
  • Silk stimulates hydration, giving shinier hair and reduces sebum production which in turn decreases the chance of having greasy hair.

Admittedly I haven’t been very consistent in my routine, and have tried different things in order to preserve my hair during the night. Adjusting to a silk pillow can be quite a struggle, and even uncomfortable. Fear not if you are having trouble a silk bonnet, or scarf is an easier option. There a multitude of different bonnets and scarfs you can use, so take your pick.

So that is it for this post! keep updated on the next blog post in the series of the curly girl essentials, see what you may be missing out on and follow me on bloglovin’ 


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