Most of you reading this will know of the recent event in American that are happening at the moment. A Movement specifically. And while I may not be fully Black or even American. I can still feel empathy for what injustices are happening. In this blog post, I want to briefly address two issues that have bothered me during this inflation of violence.

  1. The Treatment of POC’s death as a piece of Entertainment
  2. AllLivesMatter Bullshit.


A Generation of Violence.

Violence breeds more violence. It is a cycle very well known to humankind but not many have the self-discipline to break that cycle. When footage of the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. was spread like wild fire and even shown on tv I felt like ethics had been broken. These videos are graphic and while I know people have voiced how they believe it is important to show the world police brutality and to reclaim the narrative for their own, and show the truth. Part of me feels this can be lost and sensationalised. This brings me back to theories of POC and how their deaths are desensitized to audiences, creating a bigger gap between the lack of empathy. The death of POC is a running theme throughout history and even the media and entertainment of films. Alton and Philando’s personal identity is lost, they are nothing more than shock value. How media outlets can causally show these videos is beyond me, I had tried hard to stay away from any footage however, I was involuntary shown their deaths on national television. I did not wish to be subjected to this violence when I already knew it had happened. Instead, I had  wanted facts about the victim, I wanted to know about his innocence and his mundane humanistic qualities and what he does leisurely, I wanted to know the man that lost his life, not watch his lose it.

I can imagine some people disagree with me and  think this is the best way and I would love for anyone who does so to comment and let me know because I’m up for a conversation.

A Generation of Ignorance. 

Whenever I see a post, or tweet or anything that says #AllLivesMatter I can’t help but sigh, grit my teeth and shake my head. #AllLivesMatter is symbolic and presentative of white people who do not know their privilege, and are in ignorance but pretending to be ‘woke’ A good example and great spokesperson Jane Elliott, check her out and her experiments, what she teaches, it all applies to this greatly. I sometimes wonder if people are that dumb that they don’t genuinely  don’t realise that the BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t excluding other races when it comes to the meaning of lives. Or people are so wrapped up in their own  unconscious white superiority complex bubble and don’t think black people face discrimination anymore. Both are very worrying. People need to wake up and open their eyes and educate themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are white people who are perfectly on top of what BlackLivesMatter means and what it represent. They are also a powerful step to educate others and enable us to create allies which make a movement like this strongest.

Got an opinion to share? feel free to comment! I would love to hear what people are thinking and what their experiences are so far with this coming back into the limelight with the recent unfortunate events

Disclaimer: Everything written in this blog post is my own personal opinion.

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