Briogeo Curl Charisma Conditioner Review 

Rice amino and Shea curl defining conditioner 

For those in the loop with my blog, this range of products from Briogeo have been on my wishlist and radar for some time now. And so after popping to a few TK MAXX’s I was pleasantly surprised to see some Briogeo products!!  for only £6.99 (original price is £18.00!!) I knew I struck a bargain and had to swipe up what I could find.

A disclaimer of sorts for this product, they suggest on the website to use this conditioner for hair textures types 2A to 3C. My curl type falls into 3B

A conditioner that boasts all the right stuff and ethics, could this be my new go to? After using the Davines conditioner and seeing it’s amazing effects, I was worried nothing would or could compare. To my surprise, this conditioner has some impressive results! This conditioner is formulated to hair my type and lower and therefore I was worried, with my first few uses I didn’t see any great results straight away. However, that was partly due to the amount I used AND the water. When I am at uni the water is much harder and I tend to get more frizz and overall my hair isn’t up to par. However, back in Sheffield the water is much softer and really makes applying conditioners a treat.

Ultra-hydrating conditioner specially formulated with rice amino acids to penetrate the hair shaft and effectively lock out frizz-causing environmental moisture.

Briogeo’s conditioner has a very faint smell, like baby powder.. i think? its nice and doesn’t linger or over saturate the experience. The texture is a light cream that I leave on for a least 2 minutes. I’ve found that not washing the conditioner out completely, and leaving some slip gives the best results, acting like a leave in, which it is said it can be used for!

Either my curls are better or this conditioner has the right ingredients! I love the results I’ve been getting, as you can see below! my curls have looked soft and bouncy, and looking very healthy. My only complaint is I tend to use quite a bit to get good results leading me to use more of the product and would have to repurchase.I believe this is partly due to the product being aimed for curls that are as tightly coiled and mine is at the higher spectrum which they said it was suited for. For wavy girls, this conditioner should be perfect and I doubt you would need as much. For me, however, I don’t know if I would buy it again for the original price point, considering I could just buy the Davines again and it would last me much longer. However, thank you TK MAXX because I will be hunting for more of this conditioner at their price and Briogeo’s other products catered towards curly hair!


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