How to: Care & manage bleached curls

Since I got highlights in April caring for my bleached hair has been my top priority. There are a lot of horror stories around the internet and carried around word of mouth about the damage bleaching your hair can do. However, I think you only damage your hair if you don’t do the research or care for your hair appropriately. For starters, you need to do the process gradually (if you’re wanting a full head of blonde) Therefore starting with highlights is a great way to ease your hair in. Additionally, Olaplex is the newest technology that prevents damage from bleaching, look out for this in salons in your city as they are popping up everywhere. Secondly  Invest in hair care products.Oils, overnight hair masks, a quality conditioner, and a purple shampoo are all steps to incorporate into your hair routine if you want the best hair quality and colour.

In this blog post, I want to share with you how I personally care for my hair. In a weird twist of events,  I feel like my hair is MORE healthier now I’ve had these highlights then it was before I did.. but that can easily be put down to the new products I have been using.



For bleached hair, a blue/purple/silver shampoo is your number 1# friend to maintain your hairs colour. Having the brassy blues? a purple shampoo is your go to. I started out with the highly affordable Provoke’s touch of silver range. However, I wanted to branch out and try the Bleach London silver shampoo, for a higher price. I was pleasantly surprised at the results! I found this kept brassy tones at bay much better than the provoke one. One of my worries with using a silver shampoo was the drying of my hair, however, this was not at all drying and I found it gentle on my bleached hair.

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A conditioner that caters to your hair needs is pivotal in the upkeep of bleached hair. Finding a conditioner that does so comes with trial and error, so don’t be afraid to chop and change, because trust me, when you find the right one your hair will be a dream. My go to conditioner for everyday use is currently the Briogeo Curl Charisma. For me, a conditioner that does not contain harsh chemicals is a must after bleaching my hair. And this one meets my criteria, as well as giving lots of strength and glossiness, as well as acting as a leave in conditioner. Multipurpose is always win-win.

Click here for my in-depth review of this conditioner!




A deep conditioner, hair mask or treatment. It’s your choice. But at least once a week you should be giving your bleached hair a pamper session. For me, I use the Davines Love conditioner as an overnight hair mask, and alternatively as a normal conditioner  for when I want my curls to pop. Like you would do a face mask to treat your skin, a hair mask works the same. It’s a great pamper in general so I highly suggest to  implement it into your routine if you haven’t already!

Click here for my in-depth review of this conditioner!

How my hair is looking!



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