New Purchases from TK MAXX!! + Video!

Ta da!! here are the new products I impulsed bought from TK MAXX, the king of discount!

Before I go on to detail about these products I want to shift your attention to two new things.

  1. I have a new camera.. which leads to something else..
  2. Videos! or.. Youtube? I had planned on uploading the video I recorded straight onto my blog, however, I have not the plan on WordPress to do so. So it looks like I’m forced to upload onto Youtube. I’ll see how this goes..
  3. Check it out HERE!

Now back on to this post. I picked up 3 hair products for 3 different reasons. All are kind of extra accessories that could be used in conjunction with my main routine.


Primarily marketed as a skincare product..(but we all know too well this is so versatile.) I bought it with intended use for my hair. I think I’m going to start taking a few drops of this into my hair and see if it adds anything I’m missing. My and coconut oil haven’t ever been best of friends, and I think I’m keen to be now!


After the success that is the Briogeo curl charisma conditioner, which I have reviewed. I was keen to try more of their products. I picked this one up because I’ve always wanted to try out a product that promises volume… not that I think any of them work. But with all these great natural ingredients I can’t go wrong. I will be 100% reporting back with my thoughts on this product!

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask

Organic Surge is a brand I have looked into in the past and was interested to see how their products fared. A company, that boasts of chemical free products  and being made within the UK this brand is a must if you’re seeking inexpensive natural haircare (and also many other products) I will again 100% review this hair mask.

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