Review: Lush R&B hair moisture 

A gift from one of my best friends! I was excited to try something from LUSH!

Formulated towards girls with curly hair, this hair moisture, which is code for leave in.

Made with an extremely rich blend of oils and butters to restore your hair to its natural beauty.

Lush claim this calms the scalp, hydrates the hair and also perfumed with bay and orange flower absolute.


Feelings of apprehension hit me when receiving this. How on earth do I use it? it says to use on dry hair on the tub, and straight away I was like no no. That is not happening. It also had a strong scent, something of a trademark for LUSH products.

The consistency is at first thick, but once you rub this into your hands its becomes quite oily and a thin cream. I apply this to wet hair to act as a leave in conditioner. Straight away this gives me shine, definition and moistures my curls!! I was very surprised.


Warning! I find though if I use too much it can be too oily for my hair, a little bit goes a long way. However, this means this product which is seemingly small will go a long way and last long. Long lasting products are always a plus.Because this product gives so much moisture, sometimes I have to be careful as this can create frizz if I then don’t put enough curl hold on. Additionally, the scent is quite prominent and for a lot of people I can imagine it can be a turn-off. So before buying this product I would recommend going down to your nearest LUSH store and giving it a smell and also testing the consistency to see it this would suit your hair.

For more information on the ingredients go check out the website

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