Don’t Touch My Hair.

Don’t Touch My Hair. It is a statement, a sentence, a plea, a caution and joke we curly girls have all at one time spoken to another. But after thinking about it a bit more… View Post


Coconut oil… every curly girl. Heck. Every girl has heard of this so called ‘holy grail product’ but is it really? Read on to find out how coconut oil can be used for most beauty… View Post

‘ORIGINS’, an online WOC documentary

After a month long wait, the second installment is finally here! I’ve been itching to put this out there and now that it finally has I feel over the moon! I want as many women… View Post

Hair update

Hello, my curly readers! It has been some time and a lot has changed with my hair and its routine. I recently moved back to university, near down London and the water here has been… View Post