Hair update

Hello, my curly readers!

It has been some time and a lot has changed with my hair and its routine. I recently moved back to university, near down London and the water here has been causing me havoc. Additionally, I also had a bad dye job with my roots just before!

The hard water near London leaves my hair so knotty that I’m having to use my 2-minute hair moisture as a conditioner which I leave in for 5 minutes after shampooing just to detangle my hair! This can be quite exhausting and render my normal Briogeo conditioner slightly useless on a daily use. Unfortunately I haven’t had the courage to try too many new products or the funds, but I hope next month I will have more content to post for you all.

So I’ve had good hair days (like the pictures above) and no so good hair days. it’s a hard balance right now, especially since I’ve been trying to purchase a new diffuser but none seem to be to my standards, alas! the search goes on…

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