Coconut oil… every curly girl. Heck. Every girl has heard of this so called ‘holy grail product’ but is it really? Read on to find out how coconut oil can be used for most beauty hacks that every girl struggles with. So I’ve broken it down for you guys and getting straight into my personal experience.


The main event and why you’re here on my blog. Coconut oil I find amazing personally as a leave in conditioner. It helps my hair coil right up. However, I have to be careful with how much use because then I look a hot oily mess. Take this into consideration, a little goes a long way. Alternately coconut oil is a great overnight hair mask, its gives the same effect and really nourishes your hair.


Coconut Oil’s main property is to moisture, therefore This makes for a great one for when you have run out of your main one, or just use this! I have a giant tub which has lasted me for so long now, I have no idea when it will run out. It is especially great to use on the bikini area as you don’t want to use moisturising products with lots of ingredients on a sensitive area.



Other than my hair, my lips take next priority in care.I don’t know if there are other self-obsessed lip taking carers, but mine must/ have to be soft and moisturised at all times. After realising what a devil vaseline was, I moved onto cocoa butter palmers lip butter and fell in love. I raved to anybody who would listen that is until I lost my little tube, again, and again, and again. Then one-day lightning struck and I realised I had a big tub of coconut oil that was not getting used as much as it needed to and then it happened. I put two and two together and emptied a little pot I had and put some coconut oil in and VOLA! A life saver was born. Well really, the realisation was that I had a big tub of coconut oil that I could never lose was the VOLA! moment. To get to my real point, ditch whatever you are using on your lips right now, all you need is coconut oil. It lasts for hours and is the perfect moisturiser for your lips that vaseline does not want you to know about.


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