A Christmas Guide for UK Curlies.



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A new hair care UK brand to sink your teeth into! Yako is the newest the sudden rise of natural curly hair care products in the UK. They have a number of appealing ingredients that are just waiting to soak up your hair. And would be a treat for another curly haired product junkie. I’m planning to do a full review this Friday!


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Dorcascreates is a visual artist obsessed with big hair, monochrome patterns and unexpected things that make women beautiful

While browsing on Esty for Christmas presents for OTHER friends, I happened to come across something I wanted for myself, (a usual thing to happen) This UK based shop has some beautiful, unique  prints, pins, cards and tote bags! What’s great about this is her work celebrates the beauty and strength of black women in particular.! I myself bought a tote bag and I am in love, I’ve never been one for totes but this design was so relatable to me I had to have it.



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A satin pillow case is an essential present, the equivalent of buying someone a pair of socks. A seemingly everyday item but also a traditional gift for Christmas that is much appreciated. Oso Curly is UK based and stocks products catered for curlies, well worth a browse for other gift ideas!



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Boucléme are a successful British curly hair brand and have a range of different sets! They have zero Sulphates, silicones or Parabens!! a worthy brand with a great ethos to gift to a curly friend who is in need of natural or new products to try out.


Image by British Curlies


For new mothers or anyone who has a curly child in their family, this is such a sweet perfect gift! Stocked at the British Curlies why not treat a young girl to something all children should be able to receive. A story in which they and relate and see themselves. They have move books in the series here

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