My M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Liner Collection



Pink cinnamon stick

Arguably the perfect brown everyday lip colour. SPICE is famous for being Kylie Jenner’s lip colour, however, SPICE stands on its own without the Jenner name and proves to be well-loved for a reason, it’s versatile and suits every skin tone, a MUST buy for your collection.



Dirty red brown

This colour is so cute, it’s perfect for anyone looking for that light nude /brownish pink colour to really plump the lips for an everyday look. MAC’s description  of the colour is opposite to how i would describe it, leading me to believe this could come out different depending on your skin tone/natural lip colour.



Mid-tone pinkish brown

My first lip liner from MAC that I fell in love with. Soar is hailed as the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip colour along with SPICE. 1 of the reasons why I bought the two in the first place. As you can tell this has been well worn, its formula is creamy and very pigmented. It’s a great stylish everyday kind of lip and can really breathe life into an outfit!



Creamy brown beige

A lighter true to colour beigey nude. This one makes you feel real sophisticated and is a treat to layer. I find this can be hard to apply as it is drier and then after it tends to sink into the lips more easily than the others. However, this is my go to lip liner at the moment, I love it!



Dirty rose

A pigmented lip liner from MAC that is a popular choice. I was really into this colour when I first bought purchased it, however recently I’ve not been feeling the colour. I feel it washes me out too much. I feel this colour suits darker skin tones and people with darker hair in general, it is one I rarely wear these days. Hopefully, I can rekindle my love for Whirl!



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