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With Macadamia Oil

This product is curated with some beautiful oils that really attracted me when first deciding to buy it. If you had read my hair update recently, you will know I’ve been struggling to balance my products and also care for my hair with the change of cities (water) and cold weather. This has resulted in me changing what products I use daily and being so inconsistent with a solid routine.

A rich and creamy botanically-infused multi-use crème infused with coconut oil, macadamia oil and olive oil. Rapidly absorbs into hair fibre, it can be used daily to moisturise, tame flyaways, define, de-frizz, twist-out, add shine whilst providing UV protection

I use the créme as a leave in conditioner. When I first used this I used wayyy too much and my hair was not looking good. One thing I must stress is to read the back of the product where it says HOW TO USE. Because in most cases they know how their product works. Yako suggests:

  • A little goes a long way, start with a small amount and add more if needed

This is so true. Once I started to use this sparingly I saw the results I had initially been expecting. This Créme is so rich and light on application, it is a dream to apply to damp wet hair. I literally use a dime size and it so enough. The results I achieve are healthy looking coily hair that looks fluffy and cherub-like. I highly recommend this to curly girls who have my hair type (3B) and above.


Let’s Curl Up Defining Créme

With Avacado Oil

While I was satisfied with my Cantu Define & Shine custard, I am always on the look out for new curl crémes and the Yako one is one I had really wanted to try, in fact I nearly purchased it instead of the smoothing oil, So I was so thankful to be gifted this in conjunction with my purchase so I could give a reliable review of the two products and see how they worked in tandem.

This natural dual formula combines a hydrating cream with gel and works with every hair strand to prevent humidity whilst providing hold, control and definition.

Let’s Curl Up Defining Crème adds shine and defines curls leaving them soft and moisturised for long without a sticky residue whilst providing UV protection.

Formulated with Avocado oil, Honey, Horsetail and Nettle extracts, I was so intrigued and excited. The texture is in the middle of being creamy and runny which I guess makes it a créme? The consistency is not sticky and is very easy to apply, no spillage and does not dry or rust the hair on application which I find some hair gels and what not tend to do.

This product really compliments its sister product, in that it helps to create the illusion of zero product and achieve bouncy soft fresh curls. My only vice with this product is i find the hold not that strong and for it to be strong you would need to apply a lot of this product, it that aspect it is very much the opposite of the smoothing oil creme.



I have trialled these products separately with other products and together in order to see how they fully work on my hair. With the addition of containing no Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Alcohol, Perfume both the products do not build up in any way making washing my hair much easier these past weeks. Separately they achieve the results they claim to do and together they work harmoniously. I believe these are quality products with a high standard of essential ingredients that compliment curly hair types. If you arelooking for a UK brand that is passionate about curating products for curly hair then look no further, give these a try.

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Disclaimer: *I was kindly gifted the ‘Let’s Curl Up Defining Crème with Avocado Oil’ from Yako with my actual purchase of the Smoothing Oil.

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