5 Ways To Gain Confidence In Your Curly Hair this New Year (2017).


While I was recently writing up my blog post “My hair in review” I wrote a lot about finding confidence in wearing your hair natural. For me, 2016 really was the year I felt confident in my hair and I thought I’d share some tips that I believe contributed to this growth.

1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

There is nothing more that can lower your self-esteem then someone who actively comments on your hair in a negative light. Sometimes little passive aggressive comments like ‘your hair looks so good straight’ can make you view yourself differently. The people who say they love curly hair, (in the none fetishistic way) are the people to hang out with, stay away with anyone who ever makes you feel less than beautiful with your natural hair.

2. Get Inspired

As I  interviewed girls for my new doc series ORIGINS, Instagram has come up a lot in helping them to find inspiration. I agree, however, only with the right mindset. You need to see these women not as your competition but as allies. It’s so easy to pit women against each other. I personally follow lots of curly haired girls that give me motivation, to achieve more volume and just be more carefree. Go get inspired!

3. Experiment With Products

While you’re transitioning, it’s the best time to try out lots of different products. Go do your research and learn to love the art of hair care for curls, because trust me knowledge is power. And with experimentation, you will find what works for you and gets your curls poppin!

4. Beauty Is From Within!

We associate confidence as having the perfect, ‘beautiful’ external outer appearance which we can flaunt and show the world. However, I’m sorry to be cliche but beauty is very much skin deep. The most beautiful of people can be very much disliked because their attitude stinks, and what initially attracts people is their looks but personality is what KEEPS these people around. I simply want to say work on your inner self and close relationships and this is what will eventually grow your confidence.

5. Shift Your Focus

Hair is not the be all and end all. Following on from ‘Beauty is from within’. You have to see the wider picture and gain perspective. Everybody is different some women have no hair, others have too much! If you are transitioning to natural hair I would recommend focusing on your future goal and don’t get too sucked into what might seem like the slow now. If you find yourself down, simply shift your focus.

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