My Hair in Yearview 2016

Because I’m broke from buying  Christmas presents, I don’t have anything to really review, so instead, I thought I would write a review of my hair in 2016. Looking back, this year has been the most life changing year for my hair (not to sound too dramatic) But I changed my hair colour, I got new products that are now my favourites and I developed a whole new confidence in my hair which allowed me to stop using the straighteners.



I didn’t start blogging again until this summer, where I showed you my hair routine (which has totally changed now.) before then I have been battling frizz a lot with the harsh winter and lack of hold in my products. I had also entered into a new relationship at the start of 2016 and so this helped boost my confidence with my hair. Finding someone who love’s my hair and doesn’t wish for me to straighten it is an amazing thing. I can think vividly of two times in 2016 that I had straightened my hair… This is amazing for me, and while I’ve had my days, they have been very fewer as compared to 2015!! while 2014 was me embracing my curls, 2015 kind of fell through in some parts leaving me having to have some chops in order to get rid of the dead ends. I don’t want anyone to think that a relationship is how you get confidence, no. It can be the catalyst in you gaining it but it is not what helps me maintain it. I have had so many compliments this year on my hair and it’s helped me realise I should stay true to myself because that’s when people can also see your inner beauty.(corny stuff right!)



Also this year I got highlights. Which was a major deal! a huge leap for me after I had struggled with hair dyeing prior and it not turning out right. I loved my hair and how it turned out and really believed I looked like me for the first time in a long time. I’m unsure how I’ll proceed in 2017 but this colour, I have to stick with it a bit longer before I make any changes…

Product wise… the Cantu define and shine custard and Davines love conditioner really changed the game for me. They helped to solve a lot of problems I was having down south of England while attending uni. Additionally, the afro comb and satin pillowcase is back! Things I always need now. And in the last bit of this year, YAKO has really helped me in achieving those 2nd and 3rd-day curls!!



At the end of this year, I’ve become so much more relaxed with my hair, I’ve learned it doesn’t need to be always perfect and that it’s okay. It’s curly hair, it’s supposed to be wild, imperfect and spontaneous. That’s why people love it. I also produced a new online series called ORIGINS. This also helped me to realise I am in no way alone in my journey or past! there are women all around me who are going through the same thing and it’s amazing to hear. It’s so inspiring! I believe times have and are changing and young women with Afro or Curly hair are seeing more representation, or more voices of women who look like them, something I didn’t have. It’s helping them from an early age embrace their identity and natural image.

Thank you for reading, I wish all women and their hair a happy New Year!

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