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After proclaiming about being more motivated for 2017 with blogging, I seemed to have slipped back into a routine of going ghost for awhile. Sorry about that. But I’m back thanks to Instagram! if it wasn’t for that platform It’s very easy for me to forget about my blog (sorry) This is a personal hobby and in no way something I do to become an influencer or make money. I simply enjoy blogging about my passion: Curly Hair.

So here is an update of what I’ve been up to and whats to come:

NEW HAIR CUT!! I think the main reason I haven’t been as active is because I find it very hard to get a decent picture of myself.. this is a very visual hobby and especially since joining Instagram, the pressure is there to share high-quality photos that best represent your hair, especially when putting out a review. My hair has been pretty shapeless and so I haven’t felt that fabulous haha. I’ve been inner debating my money spending demons on whether to splash out on a dry cut stylist. (that’s a whole other rant but whatever, I think I went into the wrong profession as I would be a dry cut stylist who would have opened a whole branch of stores across the UK by now…)

So 3thirty here I come…

There are new products I have tried out and been meaning to write up reviews for. And a long OVERDUE hair routine update, my god that’s a crime. I hope in the next couple of weeks prompted by my haircut booking I will be getting these out to you guys 🙂

For now, take care and if anything I will be most active on Twitter: @Emmas_Curls Instagram: Emmas_Curls

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