February Favourites 2017


I had been meaning to do a mini January favourites but It has spilt onto February but nothing much has changed so I thought I’d still share with you guys 🙂

These are some lil bits I got over Christmas that make me very happy!


The Instax Polaroid is something I’ve been wanting for some time and I finally received it as a gift! I was over the moon, as it was in my favourite colour pink. This is so cute to make memories of, I highly recommend for anyone thinking of getting this, go ahead. As someone who has old polaroid photos of when I was a kid this is a great thing to bring back, especially on special occasions.


The Giorgio Armani Perfume Sì is one of the best smelling perfumes I’ve ever smelt, I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one. It’s beautiful for date nights or special occasions and everyone always can smell it distinctively.


Lastly, my new favourite lipstick…wait… I mean my new favourite red lipstick, is this NARS one called Rita which makes me think of the fabulous Rita Hayworth. I’ve tried 3 MAC red lipsticks and this one takes the trophy. It’s creamy, not drying but very long lasting. The colour is so vibrant but complimenting. Perfect for a fancy night out/ date night.!!

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