Review: Deva Curl One Conditioner

Hello, my curly readers!!

Today I have a review that I am so excited to share my thoughts on! The Deva Curl conditioner and the brand itself have been a force you cannot escape within the curl community. And while they are one of the top brands that even have their own technique to cutting hair and branded salons they are only based in the US!

For some years now I’ve been keen to try their products and recently I discovered CurlBay an online shop that ships US products to Europe, including Deva Curl products! Now Curl Bay offered FREE shipping and the conditioner was £13.99! a very good price for this product in my opinion. Along with the FREE shipping CurlBay got me my products super fast and delivered in safe packaging. I HIGHLY recommend this online retailer for anyone looking to grab some Deva Curl products, they stock many which I plan to buy and try out, but be quick as they go out of stock a lot!

Now onto the actual review…


I was never one to finger detangle… but now it’s all I do thanks to this beauty! The one conditioner really is the ‘ONE’. A delicate cream that does not weigh the hair down glides on smoothly and works its magic in minutes. The water down near London has made a lot of my go-to products that I use in Sheffield pretty useless so I’m always on the look out for things that make it easier and I’ve hit GOLD. This conditioner really brings the curls out and makes them POP! I actually look forward to conditioning my hair now! I had to battle the knots a lot and even the Davines could not manage them that well, so I am so happy to find a product I can use to finger detangle.

In addition, the product is 100% free from the anti-curl chemicals! making it the perfect conditioner for anyone with very knotty hair or is looking to transition. The smell of the conditioner is still too hard to pin-point but it is a very clean refreshing smell! I can imagine though some may not like it as other will.IMG_1582

So.. UK curly girls you won’t regret your purchase! check out CurlBay and all the brands they stock. Also if any of you have any other Deva products you recommend please comment down below 🙂


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