Four Things I’ve learned Since Going Natural


1.The Journey is Constant

When I Started my transition to natural hair I thought there was a clear definite end goal, but it’s been over 5 years now and I’m still always discovering new things about my hair, whether it be style, length or texture, my hair seems to be always changing. There’s nothing bad about this, instead, I’ve found this fun and eye opening and realise much like life, everything changes.

2.You’re Not Alone

The transition to natural hair opened myself up to a whole new community of some of the kindest and most sincere women I’ve ever met. If you’re feeling alone please know that you are not, there are so many of us who have the exact same experience and this is what unites us and makes us stronger!

3.Beauty is Self-Acceptance

When we think of beauty, we naturally think of the way we look, or how we dress or what others think of us. However, as I’ve gone through this journey to ‘get my curls back’ I’ve gone from thinking straight hair=beautiful to realising that looking beautiful does not always equate to feeling beautiful. I found that it can be a state of mind. You have to be happy with yourself and what is true to yourself. If that’s having natural hair then cool! if it’s having straight hair cool! just be true to yourself because that’s when you will feel beautiful, and others will see it too. There’s nothing more beautiful in a person then when they are happy and proud of who they are.

4.Persistence is Key

“Good things come to those who wait” We are always told this but sometimes it’s hard to believe or even motivate us. We are a consumer society that wants everything NOW, we are sold and advertised goods that give us INSTANT RESULTS. But that’s not how life works, working towards something is the reward because when you have accomplished it the best bit is telling your story of hard work and persistence. And you yourself will be happier knowing you put in the hard work to make you goals a success

Thank you for reading!

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