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I had recently been asked to share my Curl Story over on the Instagram CurlStory, go over and check out the page for my story but also other curly girls.

After also seeing the fabulous frogirl Ginny’s story on youtube and After being asked, this got me thinking of my own journey, and how I’ve not even updated it on my blog! the last update was of me in 2013 and now it’s 2017!!! A lot more has changed since 2013, more than I would have ever thought, so here it is my UPDATED Curl Journey:

The Early days


  • Age 7-11

Growing up I did not have contact with my biological father’s side of the family, or him. So growing up with a white mum, she had no idea how to care for my hair. My texture was verrry curly much more than today, I had never thought about my own curly hair until I reached around 7/8 and I got into girly stuff. I was obsessed with Bratz dollz and loved their long flowing hair, this is when I really began to notice how my hair was different and was seen as less beautiful/undesirable in society.

Starting Secondary School & Relaxing my hair:


  • 12-13

I had my natural hair for about a year and a half of me starting secondary school, along with this I had mild acne/ just a shitty time with spots. I wore no makeup and was no style guru. At such a pivotal time of development where looks started to matter, I only styled my hair in a plait or tied to the side, never open.  I was at an all time low with my self-esteem.

2010 (2)

  • 13-14

My mum had suggested getting my hair relaxed, something we discovered in a shop that catered to black hair.  To find out there was a way to get straight hair was just amazing to me. I was overjoyed and apprehensive at the same time. We relaxed my hair, and thought it stated on the box it would last 3 weeks or 3 months (I can’t remember) it lasted more than a year! the relaxer gave me straight hair but not the silky texture I craved. So, in the end, I still kept my hair in plaits.

I one day used straighteners on my straw like hair and BOOM my hair was silky like I had always dreamed! once I discovered the ‘secret’ I used them every day, unbeknownst to me causing a lot of heat damage.

Beginning of my Transion to Natural Hair

  • 15 – begin to transition

After like a strong year of having straight hair, receiving loads of compliments and boosting my self-esteem, I was now feeling tired of my straight hair. I could see the damage, I could see how limp and thin my hair was, it was not right.


I don’t know how but I discovered the curl community one day and found the Curly Girl Method. Once I divulged myself in this world I was strangely so motivated and committed to no heat damage and getting my curls back!

looking back I have no idea how I persisted through, my hair looked awful for the first year, it was wavy on the top and straight and brittle on the bottom. Not a good luck! This was also the time I started to get into skincare and makeup properly!


  • 16 – 1st PROM

One of the most important decisions I ever made in terms of my inner morals was keeping my natural hair for prom. My hair was still not that curly and was limp and thin. Even though I felt beautiful with my makeup done by Mac and this bright red dress, it would make sense to have my straight hair, which I did really contemplate. However, I remember being adamant in keeping it natural. It was the end of the year and I wanted to stay true to myself.


Curls, Straight, Curls


  • 17- 19

I think it’s safe to say I had my curls back around these years. However I was still learning!!while I did have curls I still straightened my hair a lot, I always had this urge because there were moments of doubt where I would straighten my hair to feel pretty again. So my mindset was still not 100% even though I thought I had reached my goal. (the time I wrote my first curl journey and started this blog!)


Just before university, I think my hair was it’s best in regards to how it looks like it’s natural state. I had brown long curly hair that looked the tightest it ever has since birth!



At the time of starting University, I was very confident in my hair. However, when I straightened my hair I saw a difference in reception from people. A more positive one (so subtle but I picked up on it) it was the ‘WOW you look so different!” or ” Your hair is so nice straightened!!” while these had no ill intention, they do speak volumes and suggest to the person their curly hair was not as pretty. Along with a boy, I was seeing saying I should straighten my hair if we were to go out on a date, I was once again in battle with myself with wanting to be true to myself, empower curly girls, or feeling pretty for those around me.



The Present – CURL POWER


  •  20-21

Skipping to the present. I left those people behind and coincidentally became more dedicated to my curls. I found someone who loved my curly hair more than my straight hair, and I can now count how many times I have straightened my hair on my fingers. This is huge for me, and I rarely get that nagging feeling to do it. I am very happy with my hair now, I got highlights which I felt suited me and look more like me than my brown hair!! I get so many compliments that light up my day and inspire me to carry on and inspire younger curly girls to see that you can feel beautiful with curly hair!!


I would LOVE to hear your stories feel free to comment down below here, or contact me via Instagram or Twitter! @emmas_curls or even drop me an email to talk more: emmakayani@outlook.com

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