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Ellie’s Mum has kindly sent me her products to review and do a video showing how I use them! All opinions are 100% my own! Watch the video here! to know what I think of each product carry on reading:


I was super excited to try these products that are beautifully coloured, and perfect for spring and summer! I really respect this brand, its ethos and history. Created for children after the heartbreak of seeing her daughters upset of taming her difficult curls, Ellie’s Mum has come in to save all young curlies and mums!

The products contain:

“natural ingredients such as hair shaft-toughening quinoa and broccoli for added shine. This is in addition to the cleansing and moisturising qualities of aloe vera, Abyssinian oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Gentle & Nourishing 

IMG_1649The shampoo is a clear gel like liquid that is so so gentle, it does a perfect job of cleaning my scalp, hair, and removing any product build up. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling so soft after using!

“gluten free, vegan, sls free, paraben free and we are free of all mineral oils.”

The conditioner is very creamy and glides onto the hair! I was able to Easily finger detangle with the conditioner, and I didn’t need to use as much as well!! The conditioner did not weigh my hair down at all and left my hair feeling cushion soft!


Detangle Spray & Leave-In-Conditioner

Moisturising & Curl Defining 


I never use detangling sprays but when I have in the past I’ve found them to leave a sticky film or unnecessary residue, this is most likely because they contained silicones. This spray, however, didn’t and was a nice addition to my routine. It gave my hair that added moisture to really help bring out my curls and keep them looking hydrated. The product in no way weighed my hair down which was awesome!

I am in love with this leave in conditioner, it is so so light, it’s like there is zero product on my hair.  I find there is a light definition that is perfect for achieving the fluffy curls look minus the frizz, but not ideal for those looking for a stronger hold.


My concluding thoughts on the whole range are so positive, I never get to try out a full range often but I do like to because I get to see how the products work together and compliment each other. I so loved using these products, they are bright, colourful, lightweight and easy to apply and work with. I also just want to mention that the smell of the products is veryyy sweet! To me, it smells of Nougat which I loved as a kid. For others, the smell might be distracting but it does not linger in the hair I find.

I would highly recommend these for curly girls and curly mums for their kids! oh, how I would have loved to use these when I was growing up!! The whole collection is available to buy as a bundle for £50! well worth the money for these high-quality products that have strong natural ingredients.

Watch the video of how I use these products and the results!




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