4 Myths About Girls With Curly Hair.

DISCLAIMER: ALL these points are subjective. Not every curly girl will experience these ‘myths’ these are drawn from my own personal experience as a curly girl living in the UK. So please keep that in mind when reading.



1. We Wake Up With Perfect Curly Hair.

One of the biggest puzzlements I see coming from people is how I wake up, what I actually do to ‘get my hair curly’ It’s actually kinda funny to watch them try and process how curly hair works when they have no experience of it or know anything about it. Unfortunately, we don’t wake up with perfect bouncy curls(at least I don’t) We use satin bonnets, pillowcases and have to sometimes give our hair a refresh with water or even a refresher spray! sometimes we can get to 3rd-day curls, other times not! there’s a lot more I could go on about but let’s just say, no. I don’t wake up like this!

2. Our Hair Is Easy To Manage

Similar to the first point, I get some people assuming curly hair is not high maintenance. I get kinda confused by this one as I shake my head profusely disagreeing. Little do people know, were product junkies who use around 5 products in our hair to get it to look the way we want! (I only use 2 but others….) It comes with the questions like ‘how do you get your hair like that‘… well I’m born with it. Little do they know there is some effort that goes into actually having non-frizzy curly hair.

3. We Love Our Curls As Much As Everyone Else Does

When you have curly hair and live in a place where it’s not the dominant hair texture, you tend to get people who love your hair and make that known to you. They constantly claim “I wish I had your hair!” While this is so so nice! I find that while they wish they had your hair, your wishing you had theirs! The self-love and appreciation for your hair are not always there from the get go, and sometimes needs to be learnt.

4. We’re All Exotic

The whole “Can I touch your hair” Fit’s this concept of being viewed as ‘exotic’, this along with the chat up lines ‘I like curly hair’ – (wow good for you!) creates some kind of image of us as ‘exotic’ or one of a kind. I’ve been asked a lot where I am from, not for the usual purpose, more because my looks (hair) suggest some ‘exotic’ origin. Nope. I’m from Sheffield, nothing ‘exotic’ there. I feel like a bit of a disappointment when I can’t provide some interesting background that matches my hair, but I shouldn’t have to feel this way. We live in a multicultural society more than ever now, it’s not unfounded that I could be born just down the road from you.

If you liked this blog post comment to let me know!! & Share some myths you have come across about curly girls. 🙂


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  • cydneyhelsdown says:

    Haha the first one! I wish I woke up with immaculate curls, nope I look liked I’ve been dragged through a bush most mornings. Definitely need to get a satin pillowcase – Cydney x

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