Curl Envy on Instagram & 4 Ways to Beat it

Do you find yourself scrolling through images of voluminous, shiny, bouncy, healthy curls? Do you feel a pang of jealousy, envy or slight irritation when you do? If so you might have curl envy…

Curl Envy occurs when people are either transitioning from damaged hair to natural or they have curly hair that they are not quite satisfied with, whether it be their curl pattern, thickness or length. I myself only got curl envy when I came onto Instagram, where it seems to be the main hub for the curl community and can often at times, like all of the beauty industry, favour a certain look and present us with false images (I see a lot of curly weaves, and iron curls!)

So I have some tips to help you overcome this problem that can sometimes bring you down or stop you from your own progress to healthy hair, or general self-love.


1. Step outside.

It’s very easy to be sucked into social media, it’s pretty images, quick access and content. However, it’s proven to have it’s negative side effects too. These negative effects are the reason it’s pretty important to have either short breaks or create a distance/limit for yourself. Instead of scrolling all day, go do something more productive. limit your Instagram browsing for either the morning or night before bed. Whichever your choosing, Just step outside and you will find yourself caring less about what other people are doing or look like.

2. See through the facade.

Instagram is the place where everyone seems to look pretty flawless, with a lot of curly girls looking pretty bomb! however, we don’t see the other side, where they are trying to get the ‘perfect selfie’ where they may take 100 photos to get the right angle that makes their hair look more voluminous than normal, or the right lighting and then they may have edited it further! In the end, It’s important to have some context to and think of your own experiences before you go in believing the girl on Instagram just woke up and took that ‘perfect’ selfie.

3. Focus on what you have.

We tend to worry about other people a lot, which ends up leaving ourselves in the lurch. If you find yourself deep into someone’s Instagram, envying how they look, or what they have. STOP. Look in the mirror and recite what you have and take a moment to practice gratitude. And carry this on. Create goals for yourself and work on yourself to achieve those goals, put the energy into yourself and not others.

4. Don’t compare, be inspired.

I think my relationship with Instagram has been relatively healthy, I’ve found I’ve been able to use it as a source of inspiration and motivation. I rarely compare myself, but when I do I remove myself and check myself with the 3 points above. Always seek inspiration, never compare.


A last Note… I know a lot of these points are easier said than done, but please don’t dismiss them. They are working points, in that you have to try to train yourself to do this. It doesn’t come easily, especially if you have low self-esteem, but never give up and make changes in your use of social media if it ever brings you down.


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