Launch Review: Flora & Curl – Essential Moisture Therapy Kit


A NEW UK BRAND! I am so excited to be able to review these new products that launched JUST last week. * I was fortunate enough to be gifted this duo set to review! all opinions and ideas are my own. I am passionate about homegrown products and supporting curly women who make products for other curly women. Flora & Curl state that:

 “The products are 100% plant powered for dry textured hair” This sounded so good and perfect for curls, read on to find out what I thought:

The Flora & Curl Promise:

Inspired by the power of wild botanicals and herbs, ‘Flora’ means native plant life. It means back to the basics: responding to our hairs needs to flourish and be healthy. Our all-natural, moisturise-intensive formulas are handmade with love to respond to the daily needs of dry, thirsty and damaged textured hair.

Floral Hydration Hair Mist

Jasmine Oasis


I was very keen to try this product out, however, I was apprehensive on how to use it. Directions on the back say to use as a daily moisturiser or a refreshing spritz! the spray is very light, and the smell is of Jasmine, not my personal preference, but again my boyfriend loved it so this is subjective to everyone. Compared to The Carol’s Daughters refresher spray this one did not drench my hair as much but provided a light layer, the results on this were much more instant and much more complimentary. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well this spray worked to define and give life to my second-day curls! I felt I had to spray quite a lot of this on for it to work but I scrunched my hair and my hair looked much curlier. Reading up on the ingredients I can see now this is due to it having 0% water!! In contrast to “conventional sprays which tend to be high in water but low in effective ingredients.”  Flora and curl favour aloe vera juice and Flower Oil just to name a few!

I then also used the spray along with a leave-in conditioner to add hydration to my curls, to my surprise I got some beautiful bouncy, shiny curls! and some real help in definition with this product which was great for also achieving second-day curls.

I will be taking this on my holidays this upcoming May! it’s great to carry around for that quick fix moisture. I think this would really compliment anyone with curl types 2a – 3b or just dry hair in general!

Superfruit Hair Oil

African Citrus Bloom


a powerful cocktail of 12 African botanical oils. Powered by superfruits such as Papaya, Avocado and Watermelon, moisture is locked into the strands while providing superior resistance to manipulation and breakage.

Compared to the Jasmine hair mist, I LOVED the smell of this one! it smells of tropical oranges, or chocolate oranges thanks to the inclusion of sweet orange oil which is rich in vitamins C. I recently ran out of my jojoba oil and so was keen to have another in my stash.

 The oil is surprisingly lightweight which is perfect for my fine hair. I used it along with the Hair Mist to seal in moisture and then diffused my hair. The oil left no sticky residue and did not weigh my hair down which is a win-win for me. With the Hair Mist, I also used the oil to help refresh my second-day curls which actually worked wonders and left my hair looking shiny and fresh. This oil is multi-use, I’m still yet to use it as a hot oil treatment, however, I did use it as an overnight oil treatment for when I style my hair the next day, I really loved the results that gave me, very bouncy soft, healthy curls the next day. I plan to also take this on holiday with me as it can be used as a “defence against damages caused by the sun, sea and chlorinated water.” Which I think is great!

Overall I’m really proud to see another homegrown brand come to fruition, the founder Rose details her story on her site and she’s pretty much my goals as I too would love to create a hair care brand… maybe in the distant future! so UK curlies especially, go support our homegrown brands that are now catering for our hair types!



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