3 Reasons Why I Stopped Straightening My Hair and You Can Too!

The love/hate relationship with your straighteners and how you can beat them.


I remember when I first discovered the magic of straighteners.. more specifically the feeling. I felt so happy that I could somehow transform my curly crazy hair to sleek, easy to the eyes and manage hair that I had always wanted. I straightened my hair a lot after I got it relaxed… (you can read my hair journey here) and I got that silky feel I always dreamed of having when playing with my Bratz dolls hair. After this, a rocky relationship maintained over the next 8 years, a love/hate one.

I think only recently the nagging feeling to straighten my hair has begun to subside and I can actually pinpoint these reasons…


I recently talked about Curl Envy on Instagram & How to Beat it, but one of the biggest things Instagram has really helped me with is finding some self-love/inspiration. I find whenever I see beautiful curls I feel motivated to do my hair, get my afro comb out and rock my curls! Go seek some inspiration from your peers!

Not in Sight

This year I’ve gone without my straighteners on hand. So far last time I straightened my hair was in January and it’s been a long time for me to go without. Having them physically out of the house has been a blessing in disguise, and made me go cold turkey for a while. And now there back in my house and I have no motivation to go straighten my hair! why not try and get rid of them completely or leave them at a friends house far away from easy reach?

Positive Energy

I wrote about this in my 5 ways to gain confidence with your curly hair but it really is key for all aspects when embracing yourself. If you’re around people who unconsciously favour your straight hair, or guys who think you look prettier with straight hair… it’s time to move on. If you find yourself changing for other people or to fit in, then you need to remove yourself and find your tribe. Sometimes it takes time but your tribe will come, and when it does your energy towards yourself will improve.

When was the last time you straightened your hair?? let me know in the comments! 🙂


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